Writing Services


If you have an idea for a nonfiction article, webpage, or book, but have no clue how to pull it together, why not let me write it for you? (This offer does not apply to school assignments, by the way – I won't write your term paper or college admission essay.) Before I begin, I'll need to know:

• The topic

• The anticipated length

• The audience who will be reading it

• Your slant on the topic – for example, if your article is on compulsory military service, tell me whether you're for or against it

• Your reasons for writing the piece

• Any statistics or factual matter you have to support your argument

• All the names, places, dates, sources, and background information that will need to be included in the article


In general, I charge $5 for every 100 words I write, so a 500 word article would be $25. If I need to do additional research to complete the piece, there will be an additional fee. Book-length projects are negotiated individually.


Contact me with the details of your project – I'll look forward to hearing from you!


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