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The Perfect Spin of a Rifle




When Rose Bevelacqua agreed to sew twenty chiffon skirts for her granddaughter Parker’s winterguard, she had no idea she would wind up as a chaperone at the next guard competition. And she certainly had no idea she’d find herself in the middle of a mystery! Throughout the competition, people go missing. A prank phone call derails one of the judges. And who is the gifted performer in the Mardi Gras mask? Move over, Miss Marple—it’s time to make room for Rose Bevelacqua!


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Publication Date: March 1st, 2018

ISBN 978-0998574417





The Perfect Cake for a Lady




Betsy Mangero drives everybody crazy. Her co-workers at the Cakery say she’s peculiar and doesn’t do her job. Her sister says she’s delusional. The police think she’s a nuisance. But when she turns out to be the only witness to a possible homicide, her neighbor Rose Bevelacqua comes to Betsy’s defense—and when Betsy goes missing, Rose and fellow neighbor Murray Zimmerman take up the case. Will they find out what happened to Betsy before something happens to them?


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ISBN 978-0-9985744-3-1


$9.99 USD




The Perfect Saint has a Secret




Bridget Malone is a saint. Everybody says so--her grandmother, her boyfriend, even the deacon at her church. So when she's killed in a late-night hit-and-run, it has to be an accident, right? Senior citizen Rose Bevelacqua doesn't think so, and she enlists her romantic partner Murray Zimmerman to help her prove it. But nobody has a motive, everybody has an alibi, and who would want to murder a saint? Someone who knows that Bridget has a secret. Someone with a vested interest in keeping that secret stay buried. And someone who underestimates Rose Bevelacqua.


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ISBN 978-0-9985744-5-5


$9.99 USD




Play Ball!




Michael is excited to play baseball. But he's scared when he finds out that his team will be playing the school bully. No one else seems too worried--but they don't know the bully has it in for Michael!


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ISBN 978-09985744-6-2

Ages 5-8

$6.99 USD



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