Cozy Mystery Reviews


Have you written a cozy mystery? Cozies are a subgenre of detective fiction with very distinct characteristics. Despite the fact that they almost always include at least one murder, the tone is very light and often humorous. (The victim is often unlikeable.) The setting is generally a small town where most people know one another. The protagonist(s) are almost never members of law enforcement, although there’s often a policeman in the family. The sleuth{s}—often a woman engaged in some “soft” profession such as innkeeping, catering, knitting, childcare and the like, or (less often) a small, bookish man engaged in a similar pursuit—are able to investigate the crime unimpeded because no one respects them enough to pay much attention to what they are doing. Toward the climax the sleuth(s) may run into some mild degree of danger but they nonetheless solve the crime when law enforcement cannot.


If you’re self-publishing a book like this, you may need reviews. I love to read cozies, so it’s a win-win situation! I’ll read your book and send you a 300-word review you may publish with my byline in your local paper, or online if you prefer. The cost to you is a mere $50, payable by PayPal before I read the book. (Don’t worry—if I can’t find anything nice to say about your novel, I won’t review it and I’ll refund your money in full.) Contact me here before attaching any files or sending money. What do you have to lose?





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