Compiling a Works Cited Page


Many of my readers are confused about the correct way to compile a works cited page. And how do you properly cite a website? My favorite site to help you with this is the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL), which you can access here: . It’s marvelously comprehensive, and tells you everything you need to know to properly cite me or anyone else. (And if you’re curious, every one of my web pages was last updated in May 2017.)


I'm delighted that so many of my readers are college students. Many of you read my site in order to learn more about authors or stories you've been assigned in class, and I hope my articles help you. But since my Storybites articles are copyrighted and I own the copyright, I've asked my readers to email me before they cite anything I've written in these pages. I've received many, many letters from students doing just that (and also from professors commending me for my stand as well as my work). I'm really proud of you for writing your own papers in an era when so much bad press is given to students who choose to plagiarize. And I love hearing from my readers, so don't be afraid to write to me!


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