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My name is Karen Bernardo, and I’m a freelance writer and editor, and a former library director in Owego, NY. I started Storybites in 2002 with some short story commentaries and a goal— to help people understand the stories they read, and in the process, learn to appreciate and love short stories as a unique window on the world. The site has grown to showcase my freelance writing and editing services, as well as the children’s programs I do in libraries and schools. I’ve also begun publishing my own works and those of others; if you’re interested in learning more about Storybites Press, click here.


You’ll notice that each of my pages directs you to Amazon. If you follow any of those links and make a purchase in that reading session, I’ll receive a small kickback from, which helps to reimburse me for the expenses involved in maintaining the site. I've also formed an affiliate relationship with BookRags, which offers both paid and free research content. Should you elect to use BookRags, please cite their content as respectfully as you do the articles you find here.




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